The Turkeys are here!

Our next batch of Thanksgiving Turkeys have arrived… day old pults, they will grow rather quickly to be your next Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. And yes, we are planning to do fresh turkeys again this year! Watch our emails and website for further information. As they grow we will be updating everyone as to when we will begin accepting orders!

Smyrna Depot Farmer’s Market

Hello everyone! We are trying a new venue this year. We will be at the Smyrna Farmer’s Market starting June 19th from 8am to 12pm. We will see how it goes, but we will be there for at least a few weeks to try it out. Come on out and see us!

Also, you can place your order here and pick up at the market if you wish!

Chicken is here! Chicken is here!

We had our first processing of the year on Wednesday and now have Chicken available. We have all parts, whole and half birds. Check our webstore for availability!

Pre-Order you Chicken now

Our first processing will be April 28th and birds and parts ready for pick up on Saturday May 1st and May 11th delivery. Pre-order your chicken via our webstore or email us your order!

Subscriber only Beef parts

What is subscriber only beef parts? When you sign up for our email inventory updates and delivery reminders, you are subscribing into our beef herd which means you can buy our beef parts when available. We sell 95% of our beef via quarters, halves and wholes but from time to time we have beef parts. As a result you will not see these parts listed on the website, but order via email only.

Currently we have the following parts available to our subscribers: Ribeye, NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Flat Iron, Chuck eye, Round Steaks, London Broil….various roasts and 90% lean ground beef. All grass fed and grass finished.

We are now offering Lamb!

In conjuction with Verrelli farms of Watertown, we are offering Lamb parts and later this year whole lamb! We have been partnering with Kellie and Tim Verrelli for years on rabbit and now we will be offering Lamb through them. They share the same farming philosophy as we do through an all grass based livestock system with care and compassion.

See our webstore for which lamb parts are available.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We here at Field of Dreams Farm are truly grateful for all the support that you give! Thank you!

Have you reserved your Thanksgiving Turkey?

Good news! There’s still time but they are going fast! Order your turkey now for a fresh pick up on Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We are an easy drive from Nashville, Murfreesboro or Cookeville. 40 minutes from downtown Nashville and 45 minutes from Murfreesboro.

Sockeye Salmon is here!

Our daughter, Melissa, fished in Alaska this year for the Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood company and was able to hook us up with some beautiful sockeye salmon!  We had the whole fish shipped to us and we processed them from there into Filets and Steaks.

Visit our webstore and order yours now!

Little Turkeys!

Our Thanksgiving Turkey poults are here! These little ones will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving.

Don’t want to miss your opportunity for a fresh Thanksgiving Turkey? Then sign up for our delivery and inventory updates! We’ll announce when we are ready to take pre-orders for Turkeys!

More updates to come as they grow!