Chicken is Back!!

We processed our first batch on May 4th and will be processing every Wednesday throughout the season until around November. We are fulfilling pre-orders first and then we will start to build inventory, so keep an eye on our webstore for what is available.

Little piglets are so fun!

Here we go again….

Where’s the Beef!

Right here!! We are still taking deposits for Quarter, Half and Whole Beef through February. Visit our Webstore to make your deposit and visit our beef page for additional details.

Fresh Turkey again this year!!

We are doing our most popular fresh turkeys again this year. And we should have all the fixens….like: pork sausage, bacon, chicken eggs, Muscovy duck and our lard soap to clean up afterwards! Just go to our order page and reserve your fresh turkey along with all the other items that you need for an awesome Thanksgiving week!

This year for those that pick up on the Monday and Tuesday before thanksgiving, we will have fresh, hot off the smoker whole chicken for sale! So don’t worry about dinner that night, we got you covered!

Pork is Back!

Finally! We have pork parts back in stock….Sausage, bacon, Chops, Roasts and Ribs!

And of course half and whole pigs available now through October! Visit our Webstore to order!

The Turkeys are here!

Our next batch of Thanksgiving Turkeys have arrived… day old pults, they will grow rather quickly to be your next Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. And yes, we are planning to do fresh turkeys again this year! Watch our emails and website for further information. As they grow we will be updating everyone as to when we will begin accepting orders!

Smyrna Depot Farmer’s Market

Hello everyone! We are trying a new venue this year. We will be at the Smyrna Farmer’s Market starting June 19th from 8am to 12pm. We will see how it goes, but we will be there for at least a few weeks to try it out. Come on out and see us!

Also, you can place your order here and pick up at the market if you wish!