Looking for the most nutritious, delicious and humanely raised Chicken, Turkey or Duck, then you’ve come to the right place.  We are passionate about raising our animals the right way.  Our poultry is continuously moved around 117 acres where they get plenty of exercise, grass, bugs, and seeds.

Our poultry is processed right here on the farm in our state certified processing facility.  We are one of the only farms in Tennessee where your food is raised and processed in one place.  Our customers love knowing exactly who has handled their food!

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are second to none, just read some of our testimonials.  We raise Broad Breasted Bronze and Whites for the holiday season.

Our ducks are rib-eyes with wings!  Most of our duck is featured at “Husk” restaurant in Nashville but we keep a few on hand for customers who want something different now and then.