Our pastured pork is amazing!  They are moved around our 117 acres including pasture and woods so they get a combination of nuts, roots, grass and grubs.

Following is how we sell our pork (1/2 or whole)

We charge by the live weight at $3.50 / lb plus a processing fee of $50 (1/2), $100 (whole). We usually process the pigs between 250 and 300 lbs and typically get a 60% yield. For example, one half of a 275 lb pig (average) is 137.5 lbs at $3.50 / lb would be $481.25 plus the $50 processing fee and the total would be $531.25

If we get 60% yield, that would be 82.5 lbs of finished meat which equates into about $6.44 / lb.

Information about Cuts:

What we do

    • Uncured smoked sliced bacon (amazing)
    • Sausage and / or ground pork
    • Basic cuts and any other cuts that you want
    • Cured & smoked hams and bacon for an extra $4 / lb wet weight
    • Cured, smoked and thinly sliced deli ham for an extra $4.00 / lb wet weight
    • Pork Hot Dogs $3.00 / lb with cheese $4.00 / lb

We will call you a week prior to processing to go over exactly how you want your pork!