Customer Testimony of our Pet Food

Chicken is back on the menu!!

The Chicks are here!

Beef: It’s what’s for dinner!

We are still taking deposits for Sixth, Quarter, Half and Whole Beef through March. Visit our Webstore to make your deposit and visit our beef page for additional details.

Coho Salmon and Albacore Tuna

Yes, our daughter Melissa is at it again! She just got back from Alaska where she caught Coho Salmon and Albacore Tuna, had it shipped to us and then came here to process it for our customers! These fish were are sashimi grade and were flash frozen upon being caught. And they are now available for purchase on our web store.

Pre-order your Thanksgiving Turkey

We are accepting orders for our Thanksgiving Turkeys. Just place your order on the website, choose your size range and notate whether you want fresh or frozen. All fresh turkeys must be picked up at the farm on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We try our best to have the turkeys in your size range but sometimes that is not possible, so please be prepared to accept a larger or smaller turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

They’re here!! Our famous Thanksgiving turkeys have arrived….they are only days old, but will stay in the brooder for 3 weeks and then head out to the field, where they will spend the rest of their time before being Thanksgiving dinner for our Turkey fans!!

2023 Pricing

Cut Price / lb
Whole $5.25
Whole (Bulk – 10 or more) $5.00
Whole Cut up $5.50
Leg Quarter $5.00
Legs $4.30
Thighs $5.75
BS Breast $11.00
Tenders $12.00
Wings $5.00
Backs $7.00
Livers $5.00
Hearts $6.00
Gizzards $6.00
Necks $2.50
Chicken Pet Food $4.50
Feet $3.50