Spring Brings Life!!

We love Spring here at Field of Dreams Farm because that’s when everything starts to turn green again and babies are being born!  Here are some of our newest additions, including a new baby calf born yesterday!  One of our heifers (Cinnamon) had her first baby!  Welcome to Field of Dreams Farm little one….I think we’ll call you Sugar!

Inventory Update:  Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding during this time of sold out products especially chicken!  Good news, we will process our first batch of the year on May 1st!!  And will have plenty of whole, cut up and parts available for the next delivery on May 2nd!


Pork is Back on the Menu!!

We have pork back in stock!  You will find the following pork parts available on our order page:  Pork Roasts, Smoked Bacon (uncured), Pork Chops (bone-in), Sausage and ground pork.  And coming soon….Ready to eat Deli Style Ham (cured and smoked)!


Holiday Delivery Schedule

We will not be delivering on Wednesday December 27th but will resume regular deliveries on January 10th.  If you have needs before the 10th please feel free to come to the farm.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Post your Field of Dreams Farm Turkey!!

Suellen and Chris, owners of Field of Dreams Farm in Watertown, TN would like to personally thank everyone who came out to the farm and got their “Fresh” turkey!  We also want to say “Thank you!” to everyone who was able to take a larger Turkey than they originally planned.  We had an awesome flock this year, however, there wasn’t very many small birds and everyone was gracious and accommodating of our dilemma!

Now for some fun!!  

Would would love for you to post pictures and comments about your Thanksgiving Turkey on our blog post.  So take pictures of those deliciously cooked birds and post it here!!  And if you would like to brag about how you cooked it that would be great, so other folks can get some ideas!!


Talkin’ Turkey!

Had a little conversation with the Turkeys this morning that I thought you would enjoy…..they are some beautiful birds!!  Our flock has done extremely well this year and they have grown quickly!  We are thankful for all the rain that kept the fields green and the bugs plentiful for these beauties. 

Guess what??  It is only 30 days until Thanksgiving, can you believe it???  And even though we still have turkeys available they are going fast!  Therefore if you haven’t reserved yours yet, please do so soon before the rush!  Feel free to “Shop Now” or head to our website and order yours now.

Here is the plan for our Turkeys this year.  We will process the first half of this group around November 4th.  The second half of the group will get processed on Saturday November 18th so that anyone wanting a fresh Turkey can come by the farm on Monday Nov 20th or Tuesday Nov 21st.  If you want a fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving, just put a notation with your order and the day that you would like to pick up.

And a early Happy Halloween to everyone!!


Egg Pricing Update

Is it Fall already???  Based on the weather the last few days it sure feels like it!  So with the onset of colder weather, shorter days and hibernation, our hens like many other farms start to take a break.  That means fewer eggs but the same demand and sometimes more because everyone’s back yard flocks start to slow down or stop all together.  

So with that as we do every year, we are adjusting the price of our eggs from $5 / dozen to $5.50 / dozen.  This new pricing will be effective starting on November 1st.  We would like to thank everyone who supports our farm and hope that you will continue!  

Home School group tour!

Better late than never….I’m a little behind in posting the happenings here at the farm but I wanted to share some pictures of a recent home schooling group that we had tour the farm.  Everyone had a great time and some even stayed behind to enjoy a picnic lunch in the barn!

Deer Season is upon us and we’re ready for you!

Last weekend was the opening day of bow season for deer in most of the state and we wanted to let everyone know that we will be processing deer again this year!  So tell all your hunting buddies to bring us their harvests and we’ll take care of them!!

Our prices will remain the same:  $80 per deer for basic cuts; $6 / lb raw meat weight for Jerky; $5 / lb for summer sausage and $3 / lb for breakfast sausage

New this year!!  We can now vacuum seal your meat…for $10 extra a deer, we will vacuum seal your cuts.

Have you had our Chicken??

Folks, if you haven’t tried our chicken you don’t know what you’re missing!!  These birds are raised outdoors, free range on lush grass getting bugs, grass, seeds, exercise and plenty of sunshine!  Did you know….this is the same chicken that “Husk” restaurant serves!!  Yes, we deliver fresh chicken to Husk restaurant every other week!  So if it’s good enough for one of the top restaurants in Nashville…..

Did you know???  That we process all of our birds onsite in our state certified processing facility almost every week? So if you have special needs or want you’re birds cut up a specific way, we’ve got you covered.  Just place your order and the special instructions and we can accommodate!  Or just e-mail us your special requests!  For example, we will cut up your bird for you for only $1 extra per bird!  

Did you want parts??  Yep, we have lots of parts on hand right now…everything from Boneless breast, to thighs, legs and wings!  Just click the “order now” or “shop now” link to place your order!