"From our farm to your table !"
Renewing the environment using organic
and sustainable farming practices.

Field of Dreams Farm is a family operated farm commited to producing delicious and healthful meats and eggs for Nashville and the surrounding areas. We use no chemicals on our farm allowing all our livestock and poultry to benefit from our fertile pastures, rich in nutrients. The feeds we use are non-GMO.

12/08/2016: The price on the pork page of the live weight charge for a whole pig has been changed from $3.00 / lb to $3.25 / lb. Processing fee is unchanged. Please clear your browser cache if you have not done so lately and do a refresh to be able to see the latest info. Thanks - webmaster.

11/20/2016: Changed sausage and bacon prices and also added ground pork to the pork page.

11/07/2016: Turkeys are sold out.

11/02/2016: Updated the poultry products/pricing page to show the new price for chicken eggs of $5.50/dozen.

05/23/2013: "Know your farmer. Know your meat." is a review by a customer on their homesteading web site.

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