Deer Season is upon us and we’re ready for you!

Last weekend was the opening day of bow season for deer in most of the state and we wanted to let everyone know that we will be processing deer again this year!  So tell all your hunting buddies to bring us their harvests and we’ll take care of them!!

Our prices will remain the same:  $80 per deer for basic cuts; $6 / lb raw meat weight for Jerky; $5 / lb for summer sausage and $3 / lb for breakfast sausage

New this year!!  We can now vacuum seal your meat…for $10 extra a deer, we will vacuum seal your cuts.

Have you had our Chicken??

Folks, if you haven’t tried our chicken you don’t know what you’re missing!!  These birds are raised outdoors, free range on lush grass getting bugs, grass, seeds, exercise and plenty of sunshine!  Did you know….this is the same chicken that “Husk” restaurant serves!!  Yes, we deliver fresh chicken to Husk restaurant every other week!  So if it’s good enough for one of the top restaurants in Nashville…..

Did you know???  That we process all of our birds onsite in our state certified processing facility almost every week? So if you have special needs or want you’re birds cut up a specific way, we’ve got you covered.  Just place your order and the special instructions and we can accommodate!  Or just e-mail us your special requests!  For example, we will cut up your bird for you for only $1 extra per bird!  

Did you want parts??  Yep, we have lots of parts on hand right now…everything from Boneless breast, to thighs, legs and wings!  Just click the “order now” or “shop now” link to place your order!