Pork Update

Hello everyone!!

We wanted to let you know about some changes that we are making to our pork.  Up to this point we have raised 5 to 8 pigs every 6 months and while this keeps the supply going for the entire year, it isn’t really efficient for us to raise pigs during the winter months.  Yes, they get nuts and grubs because we run them through the woods, but they just don’t get the same nutrients as they do in the spring and summer months with lush grass, clover, roots and grubs.  Plus we are able to supplement them with parts from our chicken processing operation which provides needed protein.

Therefore we have decided to raise pigs only once a year.  We would get them in around March and start processing in September and on into late October, that means you will need to plan ahead for your pork needs.

We currently have 5 pigs that will be ready in September and 2 of those are already sold, that leaves just 3 pigs until September 2018, so if you’re interested in getting a 1/2 or whole pig, now is the time to act.  Email me or order on our website to secure your pork.  Once we are sold out, we will start a waiting list for September 2018 pig processing.

Also, we have been getting a lot of calls about Ham, we are sold out right now, but plan to have some in about 3 to 4 weeks.  E-mail, text or message us if you want to be on our waiting list and approx how many pounds of ham you would like.

Thanks, Chris and Suellen

The Field of Dreams Farm Essence!

I don’t know why I waited so long to share this, but here is a short video that was made by our last “Work-Awayers” Rolf and Marcus from Denmark!!  Rolf had the drone that captured the true essence of our farm.  Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to shoot some amazing shots…..enjoy!

Welcome to our Farm

Christopher and Suellen Simpson

We started this journey in 2010 on 5 acres in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Little did we know where we would be today.  We have raised 6 children and we ate mostly organic, however, like a lot of families our meats were not.  After watching “Food Inc.” we realized something had to change and our farm was born.  We already had a small backyard laying flock but we soon added meat birds.

After years of being in corporate america I was ready for a drastic change and I just couldn’t get the image of Joel Salatin and the way he farmed out of my head.  That was the way farming should be, common sense, giving back to the land, humanely raised animals and profitable!  We were hooked and soon I quit my corporate job and we started searching for a larger piece of property.  We finally found 117 acres in Watertown.  Although it was a cattle farm, the land was far from fertile and lush with lots of briers, milk thistles and other nasty plants.  Within a few short years we have healed a lot of the land and working to heal the rest.

We raise our animals humanely and we process all of our own animals in our state certified processing facility right on the farm!  We are totally committed to providing you with healthy food and healing the land that we have been allowed to use.