Custom Processing

We have a state certified processing facility on the farm!!  We process all of our own chickens, ducks, turkey, pork, rabbit and beef.  We also process for the general public, however, because this isn’t the core of our business, we do so selectively.  We don’t want to process on a commercial scale but rather like helping small farms that raise a minimal amount of poultry, pork, lamb or goats.  Following is our pricing for custom processing:

Chicken:  Contact us to schedule a processing time and instructions.  (We do not process from December 1st through May 1st)

What you get:  Birds are processed, packaged, weighed and labeled if desired.  We will save heart, liver, gizzard (not cleaned) and feet.  $1 per bird extra for additional processing such as cutting birds up into parts.

Cornish Cross under 6 lbs dressed weight or smaller, $5 / bird; 6 lbs and up $6 / bird; Young Heritage Roosters and Freedom Rangers under 6 lbs dressed weight or smaller, $6 / bird; 6 lbs and up $8 / bird; Heritage roosters  only $6 / bird. Duck / Goose:  Any type duck $10 / $12 per bird

Pork:  $250 per pig, up to 350 lbs and includes basic cuts plus smoked, sliced bacon and made to order sausage.  50 cents per pound extra over 350 lbs.  We do cure hams and bacon for an extra $4 / lb wet weight.  All vaccum sealed packaging.

Lamb / Goat:  $80 per animal plus a $20 kill fee and includes basic cuts and sausage if desired.  All vacuum sealed packaging.

Deer:  During deer season we process deer for $85 / deer and can do summer sausage $5/ lb, breakfast sausage $3/ lb and jerky and snack sticks $6 / lb.  All vacuum sealed packaging.12107811_1011153742259144_2454774691414034774_n